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I presume ‘we’re living in hell’ is meant rhetorically.

Because life is what you make it.

Let me quote the legendary Rob Halford;

In this world we’re living in,

we have our share of sorrow.

The answer now is don’t give in,

aim for a new tomorrow!

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"The fact that there is such a thing as virginity is more evidence that ... we live in hell!"

On the flip side, perhaps, my dear lady that because not enough people feel and believe as you did/do that there should be someone (the 'soul mate') to share the most intimate and personal part of one's self (their very soul) it could be that, in itself, is why we're 'in Hell?

It is my sincere hope that you find that someone with whom you wish to share the very depths of your soul as it seems that you truly desire that and most certainly are deserving. Thus, the two become 'one flesh'.

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"I lost that job and my virginity the same day, May 21, 2021. I told you in a previous post how I waited way too long to have sex because I was terrified of getting pregnant in my 20’s and truly believed God had made me a soulmate who would miraculously appear in my life any day, and finding him was purely a matter of patience. Yes, the years passed and one day in December of 2020, I had a birthday and woke up literally a 40 year old virgin (although I did wake up in Cancun, so I had a good day). "

I'll make a confession, here. I am a guy; FAR older than you are/were and still possess my "virtue' as it were and realize, that because of my moral beliefs (and I believe as you did, a soulmate) that at this age/stage of life it is not going to happen and so I read a lot about solitude and how to embrace/accept it. I would have preferred to find someone to truly love and share that with through the physical act but also realize that was, for myself, not in the plans of Providence. I am just trying to learn ways of being a loving person, in general and make the most of that. Thank you.

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I also really liked the confession "you facist tyrants...you guys are so fucking dumb I can’t believe I ever wanted to join the military to defend you!"

Every minimally-awake person's relation to the standard American patriotism, especially that of the 80s-10s, is now quite different. It turned out not to be the home of the brave. That's not to say that a more chastened patriotism isn't still patriotism, but whatever it will turn out to be, it will be different.

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" I posit that we cannot feel vengeance and joy at the same time." "Allowing these criminals the opportunity to make amends publicly...this way, we can keep joy in our hearts and still desire a reckoning." That whole paragraph is very interesting to me, as a believer in Jesus, in non-Potemkin democracy, in real liberal education, but also in joy/festivity, and in reckoning, as the keys for recovering and moving forward.

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Since the Parascope days I wondered how such an intelligent, funny, and beautiful woman could possibly be single in DC. Such another interesting story! Love ya Sarah hope you find your soulmate!

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Wow, you waited even longer than I did (I was 26). But it sounds like you are making up for lost time. That's a great way to deal with the fact that we are living in hell.

There's another aspect to living in hell that we retired folks are dealing with, namely the effects of age on body parts. A female friend recently told me, "I don't know if those parts even work any more -- it's been 17 years." And my parts definitely aren't working like they used to, and I've had some shame and guilt-tripping laid on me for that, some self-inflicted. As you said, we live in hell, but thankfully there are strategies other than "tab a in slot b", if you can find someone of like mind (I haven't yet, and it might be too late, since I'm un-jabbed and thus unacceptable to 90% of the population in my home state).

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I sincerely hope that you find your soul mate. Could you talk to my wife about the fabulousness of the penis please. Don't take my comment seriously, I'm just joking around. I must say that your piece is very sad and hope that the future brings you all the joy you may have missed.

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just fantastic; you write so well--i enjoyed the journey with you xxoo

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Great story, great advice!

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Wow, Sarah! Hello, it is so great to meet you. I loved this open and honest share as well as your philosophical interweaving with the somatic.

We are not actually in hell because of the existence of the penis AND the vulva. Hmmm. Well, of course, we ARE actually in hell because of the existence of the penis and the vulva. So interesting.

At the end of the day, though, happiness is actually a choice, not something found in genitalia. And by choosing happiness, we automatically create heaven, regardless sex.

I enjoyed your poem! Thank you for linking it. I also write poetry,and was inspired to wrote a poem as a comment there. To read 'The Penis, the Penis', go here:


Thank you,

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