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I can prove we live in hell and without resort to the gaslighting of religion.

Simply look at the actions of almost any US politician ("left" or "right") servicing great individual and corporate wealth (Mamon) at the expense (on every level) of literally everyone else on this round, blue space ship; whilst trumpeting that they're serving "We The People."

If that's not enough, look up the actions of our Criminals In Amerika or the Terrifying Safe Americans Administration, or the D.E. fucking A.. (None of which have any legitimate legal justification for even existing under our Federal Constitution)

Look up Operation Northwoods, or the Dark Alliance which Gary Webb of the San Jose Mercury News wrote about in the '80s, and which I firmly believe is still going on today; and for which Oliver North never served a single day of his 10 year prison sentence. Evil abounds, and that's before we even get to the religious psychopaths pushing a Christian version of Shari'a Law down our throats.

Yup. We are in a hell run by absolute Turdwookies and unrepentant psychopaths.

As to the rest.. Thanks! It needs saying.

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I wish I'd taken more of the opportunities presented to me in my youth also. Youth is wasted on the young.

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Sadly, your religion made you afraid to be able to make mistakes, because no "murder".

Yes even condoms aren't 100% and some are clueless at how to check.

Have a laugh! George Carlin on the sanctity of life.


And no, I'm not pro abortion, but pro my body my choice. If someone wants one, who am I to tell them what to do? Zealots try and impose their "truth" on others.

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My experience as a Male has been rather similar to yours with regards to viewpoints on love and what a relationship should be. Also the fear of having other people being dependent upon me. Not yet 40 but very close and still waiting to meet the "one" ;)

I don't consider the earth to be hell, but rather use another phrase "other people are my prison".

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Good luck with that soulmate search. I thought I'd found mine when I was your age (early 40s), but I was mistaken. That relationship was and still is platonic; it probably would have been disaster if it had gotten sexual/romantic.

Ironically, this same almost-soulmate, who was my closest and dearest friend for many years, recently told me I was a murderer and conspiracy theorist for not taking an experimental mRNA injection. It's funny how the last 2.5 years have uncovered surprising truths about the people we thought we knew so well.

I agree that the anatomical facts about sex organs seem to indicate we're living in some kind of hell. Fortunately, there are ways to deal with this. My first wife, who was also my first sex partner, was a good, experienced teacher in this matter.

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Hrm... maybe I'll start trying to pick up women half my age (which is still *well* above the age of consent, thank you very much) with that sort of line... "I have clean paper and a vasectomy. 100% consequence free, and there's a lot to be said for someone who has been giving head to women for longer than you've been alive."

And I'm not quite old enough that I can't keep up yet. This might be my only window of opportunity! ;)

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"For men, sex equals orgasm.

For women, sex might mean pleasure, it might mean orgasm, it might mean rape. It doesn’t “equal” orgasm.

If every time I open a present, I love it, I’m always going to look forward to my birthday."

Here is a novel idea. Perhaps it ought to mean the joining of a man and woman in THE most intimate union of both their bodies and souls; the moment at which they truly become one flesh. Silly me; I'm such a romantic.

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