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I will now provide my full analysis of the book "Covid-19 Meets the Vaccine":


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I can't even with Dr Fakey and his corporate gaslighting.. And For The Record this process of seeing studies from other countries IS how the USDA was forced to pretenda-ban hydrogenated oils from our food supply.. There was a study out of France and one out of Japan showing clearly that hydrogenated oils caused the inflammation which causes several forms of heart disease.

What did our gaslit government do about it?

They "banned" hydrogenated oils and allowed the Manufacturers to keep using them under a different name for nearly 10 years.

None of them (of either bribed to treason Turdwookie parties) are actually working for Us ordinary folks.

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What in the actual F are these people doing. (Other than trying to create a generation of terrified NPCs.)

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If reading is Bad, then I'm being Bad by reading your Substack about how reading is Bad. I'm so confused!

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